The iSlate Will Be Announced In

December 13, 2007

Awesome Touch Interface

One of the top notch design engineers currently working on the next version of Windows (creatively labeled, Windows 7) is claiming it has 'Touch Features' which would blow the minds of current iPhone users. This awesome piece of engineering is slated to hit the market no sooner than 2010. Wow, 2010. It's hard to believe anyone thinks they will have a product better than the iPhone a mere 2 years from now.

Personally, we think this guy is smoking vaporware crack. Everyone knows Windows 7 will be a year late and nothing about it will blow away the the 2010 iPhone (which is rumored to be a fully organic device that can telepathically transmit sound and images to your brain.)

December 10, 2007

Future iPhones

As you may or may not know, Steve Jobs is set to give his annual Macword keynote speech on January 15th. This is the same speech he used last year to announce our favorite Apple product, the iPhone. Currently, speculation points toward the announcement of an ultra-portable macbook pro (12 inches, 1/2 thick, nand flash memory drive.) But, since no one really knows what's gonna go down on the big day, there remains a definite possibility that a 3G iPhone could also be announced--it's unlikely, but possible. In preparation for this mouth-watering event, we've discovered a funny blooper reel of all the crazy stuff that can happen during a Macworld Keynote Speech.

If you're looking at this page on an iPhone, you won't be able to see the youbtube video below... but if you click this link: iPhone version of the video you'll be transported to where they will do flash to H.264 conversion so you can enjoy all the fun on your iPhone. (be sure to wait a moment for conversion.)

If you're on the real internet, you can just watch it below:

iPhone At The Office

Our top-notch interns have scanned the web for you and discovered something very strange. There's literally nothing going on in the world of iPhone news. Nothing. (Well, there was some hub-bub about French people being able to unlock their iPhones after 6 months, but we decided that's not news-worthy.)

Because you made the effort to come to the site, and we don't have any iPhone news, we decided to give out a consolation prize: A recent episode of NBC's hit TV show, The Office. Enjoy.

December 5, 2007

Taste The Blue Apple

In June, Steve Jobs promised us the real internet on a phone... well... we're still waiting.

Thankfully, a little website called got tired of waiting too.

If you navigate your iPhone to blueapple's site, you'll be able to view all the flash videos currently playing on Youtube and Google Video. Here's how it works: After landing at the Blueapple page, simply type in what your looking for... (eg. if you enter iPhonePOV you'll see a list of youtube videos associated with this site.) When you click on the video you want to watch, blueapple's servers will covert the flash file into an h.264 Quicktime file, a format which will play in glorious fullscreen on your iPhone.

The conversion process is not instant, but it's reasonably fast and the status of your conversion is updated every 5 seconds, so you can easily estimate when your video will be ready to view.

Obviously, conversion is not the best way to go, but since the iPhone does not support flash video, it is currently the only way to go if you're looking to watch any of the two or three million youtube videos not available through the iPhone's native Youtube application.

UPDATE #1 Regular reader, Juicyelbows34 discovered that blueapple will find and convert flash video from sites other than youtube and google video. So if you know some dirty words, you'll get some dirty results.

Google It Up!

Google has introduced a new razzle-dazzle interface for iPhone. It gives you quick access to Gmail, Calendar, and bunch of other Google-rific stuff. You can see all the Googleness by navigating to on your iPhone.

Search Contacts! (Finally!)

The one thing that really gets our goat about the iPhone is the lack of an easy search feature for the iPhone's contacts. We can't tell you how many times we've wished we could stop flicking our finger up and down the thousands of contacts on our phone and simply type a few letters to bring up our desired contact. (It's odd that every (other) cell phone in the world has a multi-letter search feature, but the world's most advanced phone decided to forgo the ease of typing in a few letters for a ridiculously slow flick-n-search method. Arrrg--could anything be less Apple-like?

Anyway, few months ago, one of iPhonePOV's minions discovered a crummy work-around (in the google map program you can use the keyboard to type letters and matching contacts will appear) but it was clunky and only worth using in extreme circumstances (or by people who won't/can't hack their iphone.)

But, for those of you who have the stones to walk around town with a hacked iphone, there's a new solution that's so awesome it's like getting a new iPhone (well, really it's more like getting the iPhone that should have shipped in June.) Here's the skinny: On your hacked iPhone, launch the installer application and download the native "Search" app from Polar Bear Farm Software. As soon as you fire it up, you'll see it's the cream-jeans. This wonderful bit of hacker-code allows you to seach your contacts with a couple of taps on a normal keyboard and dial right from the search results. No more finger-treadmill for us baby! As an added bonus, you can also search your iPhone's calendar entries with keyboard input, which makes the calendar program borderline usable.

Polar Bear Farm's "Search" software is donation-ware, so please donate. Really. It's so cool you have to donate.

Apple iTunes

December 4, 2007

Germany's At It Again!

For those of you old enough to remember, Germany has an ongoing problem with fascism (e.g. WWI, WWII) and oddly enough, it seems the iPhone has ignited that old fascists spirit in the Fatherland.

A court order issued today by a scary looking German Judge, declared that Apple does NOT have to sell an unlocked version of it's gestalt gadget. So if you live in Germany, and you want an iPhone, it's T-Mobile or nothing. While forcing people to join a private network isn't exactly fascism, when it happens in Germany, it's worthy of an eyebrow raise.

Needless to say, if Steve Jobs goose-steps onto the stage for his Macworld speech, we're all in trouble.