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July 2, 2007

iPhone vs. Treo -- Download Speed Tests

iphonePOV pitted Apple's iPhone against the Palm Treo 700 in a series of download tests.

The first test show The iPhone connected via wifi compared to a Treo connected to Sprint's 3G network:

No surpises in the wifi vs. 3g test.

Below is the first of 2 video tests pitting the iPhone, connected to ATT's EDGE network, against the Palm Treo 700 connected to Sprint's 3G network.

The results above were so surprising, we conducted a second test of the same thing: iphone (running on ATT's EDGE) against Treo (running on Sprint 3G)

We here at iphonePOV where shocked that the EDGE network fared so well against a 3G network. Perhaps it has something to do with Safari's superior ability to process and display large pages, or maybe it was just luck, but either way, 3G got it's ass whooped. While these tests are hardly conclusive, they do show that in real-world situations, Apple's iPhone running on the EDGE network can be as fast, or faster than the current 3G phones working on Sprint's 3G network.


Anonymous said...

GREAT test. I am surprised, after al the whoopie about how much better 3G is.

Wanted to see printed summary of results for all four tests in one place

Anonymous said...

Here in the UK I tried a similar experiment using our 3G networks... (not with an Iphone sadly!) using T-Mobile 3G - 21.4seconds using Vodafone 3G - 20.3seconds

Really hope the iPhone has 3G when it reaches us across the pond

Anonymous said...

Now go get yourself an HTC Hermes or an HTC Kaiser that support 3G using HSDPA and UMTS and this will be a different story alltogether.

torojet said...

Was the Treo cache set to 0 Mb for the reload? Enable or disable both caches next time.
The awful iPhone GSM static revealingly overshadows the demonstration; iPhone has a wonderful screen and presentation, one limitation is 2G.
Do a download of something like a 20mb a car for testing the networks. A browser test should include Xiino on the Treo; it renders faster than Blazer.
The options and outcomes are much more refined and clear than this video's fuzzy result suggests.