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July 1, 2007

iPhone Crashes! How To Reset!

Like any computer, the iPhone can crash.

Yesterday, one of the editors at iPhonePOV started having a problem with safari. It seems the program was 'crashing' whenever he tried to load a large webpage. Here's what would happen: He would enter a URL, safari would start downloading the page, and just before it finished downloading, the screen would go black. After a few seconds the iPhone home screen would appear. When he would re-enter Safari, there was no history or cache of the page even though it had been 90% downloaded just moments before. It happened so frequently that a few of us started wondering if his iPhone was bricked*

A 2 hour trip to the mall and a long conversation with a 'genius,' taught us how to handle a crashing iPhone:

Force Quit: Press the Home button for 6 seconds. A force quite is used when a program freezes, but you can still use the rest of the phone's functions.

Hard Reset: Press and hold the Home button and the Power button at the top of the iPhone for at least 8 seconds. You can let go when the Apple Logo appears. This should be used when the phone starts acting erratically or freezes up all together. (A frozen iPhone can drain the battery, so be sure to do this if it freezes.)

A hard-reset fixed our safari crashing problem, so if your iPhone is acting strangely, a hard-reset is probably worth a shot.

* Bricked is high-tech lingo for an electronic device which is broken beyond repair.

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