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March 5, 2008

Pinched iPhone!

Our story starts with iPhonePOV's Co-Director of Internet Promotions watching Battlestar Galactica on her iPhone while eating a yummy turkey burger at a local cafe. When she was done, she kindly threw out her trash and headed back to iPhonePOV headquarters.

About five minutes later, as she was sitting down to resume internet promoting, she realized she had forgotten her iPhone at the restaurant. She immediately called the cafe and they said they hadn't seen an iPhone, but, they would be happy to check their surveillance footage for the missing iPhone. Well, the video showed her leaving her phone on the table, and much to her chagrin, some punk picked up her iPhone, slipped it into his pocked and exited the restaurant.

Needless to say, she was pissed off. Both at herself for being so stupid and at the punk for stealing her precious. Then, after a few moments of sobbing and utter despair, she came up with a plan... It was so simple and yet devious that she thought it just might work... Knowing time was of the essence, she asked the owner of the cafe if she could use his cell (ordinary) cell phone to send a quick SMS to her iPhone, to which he happily agreed.... here is the message she sent:

"We have video of you stealing the iPhone at the Moon Cafe. If you bring it back in the next 10 mins no one will do anything. Otherwise, we will go to the police and post your image around this area."
Well, believe it or not, ten minutes later her iPhone was returned to the restaurant.

Moral of the story: If your iPhone gets stolen, send it an SMS and say you have video of the theft (even if you don't) and you just might get your phone back.

This really happened.