The iSlate Will Be Announced In

January 29, 2009

Next Gen iPhone (4g?) Announced

Sort of.

Turns out the latest iPhone upgrade includes a couple of (oops, we forgot to delete) code strings which indicate a new version of the iPhone is in the works (or already working!)

These strings indicate that this new iPhone is different than the current 3G version and not just a memory upgrade.

Expect an announcement from Apple in early April with a June delivery (just in time for Steve's healthy return.)

We've already got a couple of our interns waiting in line at the Honolulu Apple store.

January 27, 2009

Iphone 2.2.1 Firmware Available

Fire up your iTunes and download the latest and greatest for your super-phone.

2.2.1 promises various bug fixes and increased stability. Does this mean Safari will stop crashing? We'll believe it when we see it.

Unfortunately, the paltry list of additions accompanying this update do not include any new interface tweaks, which means it'll still be a pain in the ass to find a contact that isn't in your favorites list.

Apple, please add voice dialing!