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December 5, 2007

Search Contacts! (Finally!)

The one thing that really gets our goat about the iPhone is the lack of an easy search feature for the iPhone's contacts. We can't tell you how many times we've wished we could stop flicking our finger up and down the thousands of contacts on our phone and simply type a few letters to bring up our desired contact. (It's odd that every (other) cell phone in the world has a multi-letter search feature, but the world's most advanced phone decided to forgo the ease of typing in a few letters for a ridiculously slow flick-n-search method. Arrrg--could anything be less Apple-like?

Anyway, few months ago, one of iPhonePOV's minions discovered a crummy work-around (in the google map program you can use the keyboard to type letters and matching contacts will appear) but it was clunky and only worth using in extreme circumstances (or by people who won't/can't hack their iphone.)

But, for those of you who have the stones to walk around town with a hacked iphone, there's a new solution that's so awesome it's like getting a new iPhone (well, really it's more like getting the iPhone that should have shipped in June.) Here's the skinny: On your hacked iPhone, launch the installer application and download the native "Search" app from Polar Bear Farm Software. As soon as you fire it up, you'll see it's the cream-jeans. This wonderful bit of hacker-code allows you to seach your contacts with a couple of taps on a normal keyboard and dial right from the search results. No more finger-treadmill for us baby! As an added bonus, you can also search your iPhone's calendar entries with keyboard input, which makes the calendar program borderline usable.

Polar Bear Farm's "Search" software is donation-ware, so please donate. Really. It's so cool you have to donate.

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