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December 5, 2007

Taste The Blue Apple

In June, Steve Jobs promised us the real internet on a phone... well... we're still waiting.

Thankfully, a little website called got tired of waiting too.

If you navigate your iPhone to blueapple's site, you'll be able to view all the flash videos currently playing on Youtube and Google Video. Here's how it works: After landing at the Blueapple page, simply type in what your looking for... (eg. if you enter iPhonePOV you'll see a list of youtube videos associated with this site.) When you click on the video you want to watch, blueapple's servers will covert the flash file into an h.264 Quicktime file, a format which will play in glorious fullscreen on your iPhone.

The conversion process is not instant, but it's reasonably fast and the status of your conversion is updated every 5 seconds, so you can easily estimate when your video will be ready to view.

Obviously, conversion is not the best way to go, but since the iPhone does not support flash video, it is currently the only way to go if you're looking to watch any of the two or three million youtube videos not available through the iPhone's native Youtube application.

UPDATE #1 Regular reader, Juicyelbows34 discovered that blueapple will find and convert flash video from sites other than youtube and google video. So if you know some dirty words, you'll get some dirty results.

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