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October 24, 2007

iPhone Is Funtastic (Again)

If you've been waiting to hack your iPhone because you:
A) are a big sissy... or

B) weren't sure how to deal with the whole "1.1.1 firmware upgrade my break your phone" warning Apple so kindly offered with their last upgrade... stop waiting.

iFuntastic 4 is here. This badboy will hack your iPhone (including upgrading your phone from firmware 1.0.2 to 1.1.1) help you install programs, make you breakfast in bed and change your dirty sheets.

Don't just sit there staring at your boring iPhone... Make is sizzle, make it pop, make it sing!

This program is so awesome, it's now no longer free. After five uses, you'll have to shell over $5 bucks for continued (unlimited) use. Even if you only paid $300 bucks for your iPhone (which is $300 less than the 34 people currently working at iPhonePOV paid) you can afford $5 bucks.

UPDATE #1 iFuntastic v4.6.1 is not playing well with Leopard. If you have upgraded from Tiger to Leopard, we recommend waiting for an iFun update before using it to hack your iPhone.


Anonymous said...

Why can't we do this with windows?

Editor said...

Probably because the iPhone is an Apple product. So most of the hacks are gonna be by Apple guys who (out of the kindness of their hearts) eventually figure out a way for you 'WindowERs' to join all the fun. Be patient.

Anonymous said...

34 people work on this site? seriously? and it only gets updated like twice a month. wow you are guys are doing great work.

Editor said...

This is an outrage. How many people do you think it takes to post twice a month? A lot. We were here before the iphone was released, and we'll be here when all the other faux-bloggers have lost interest. Don't be fool, be cool. Set your bookmarks to the best, and you can forget all the rest. iPhonePOV.

Seriously though. Except for an occasional story about a hack or some useless rumor, the world of iPhone news is slow (for now.) Which means 33 of us are getting really good at ping-pong.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If we windowers could afford a new apple lap top we would be there right, for sure!!