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October 27, 2007

Credit Only For iPhones?

Apparently the financial wizards at Apple know something about American money that we don't. Effective immediately, Apple will no longer accept American Dollars as payment for an iPhone. Fortunately, they are still accepting credit cards, debit cards and thong-dollaz.

We here at iPhonePOV are really scratching our heads over this move, because the last time we checked, the American Dollar was 'legal tender for all debts, public and private.' The official word from Apple was some mumbo-jumbo about preventing would-be unlockers from getting their grubby unlocking hands on the iPhone. How does not taking dollars stop unlocking? We don't know. After all, unlocking the iPhone is not illegal, so forcing buyers to leave a digital trail is not going to stop unlocking. It's all very strange. We're not exactly sure what they're smoking down there at Infinity Loop, Coopertino, but they might want to call their dealer and ask for a refund.

Incidentally, if you're trying to stay off-the-grid and you really want to buy an iPhone (which is indeed a paradox), you could always use your hard-earned (and somewhat useless) cash to buy a Visa Gift Card, which looks and feels like a credit card, and will probably fool the geniuses at the Apple Store.

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