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October 22, 2007

iPhones United

Just the other day, we were all excited about Apple giving in to the demands of its users with the announcement of an SDK for 3rd party applications in February. Well, we can't wait that long. So in the meantime, for your general enjoyment and for the betterment of your iPhone, we highly recommend taking advantage of the dozens of applications and nifty modifications easily available with (version 3 now works with iPhone firmware 1.1.1) from nullriver.

If you're still hesitant to do these wonderful things, check out this killer-diller gallery of hacked iPhones from around the world. In all of these pictures, the iPhone is personalized in the way a personal computer (or even a smart phone) should be. They look simply personable. Now look at your unhacked iPhone.... it looks exactly the same as the iPhone used by grandmother's across the world.

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