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September 19, 2007

iPhone Update

Some of the crafty spies at managed to capture some hands-on images of an iPhone running firmware version 1.1.1 at the UK iPhone Launch.

It appears the iPhone's British Twin has a couple of features that haven't yet made into U.S Phones.

• Home Button Preference -- When the home button is pushed twice you can trigger 3 different actions, as well as bring up music controls when the iPod is active. This will allow one to make a phone call with just a couple of button pushes. This is the cream jeans.

• Video Out. Hmm... this is really cool. A lot of people moaned about the lack of video out when the iPhone was released, so now they can stop moaning (maybe.) Is this video out capability like the old iPod (gen5) that worked on any iPod doc, or like the current iTouch and FatPod Nanos which will only output video on a special dock licensed by Apple? If the latter is true, all the current iPod video devices you own will not work with the iPhone, which we think is tres Boo-Hoo.

So, will these changes come to the 1 million US iPhones already in circulation? Yes, they will. Probably in early November when the British iPhone is released.

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