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September 21, 2007

Death Star Plans Uncovered

Several iPhonePOV spies gave their lives for these plans, so pay attention:

A major update to the iPhone is in the works and will be released shortly after Leopard ships in October. It seems a number of awesome features that were planned for the iPhone from the get-go were delayed when the release of Leopard was pushed back.

Here's a taste of what's to come:

* iChat
* Disk Mode -- for storing files on the go
* File Browser -- This will be just like Leopard (coverflow file browsing, etc.)
* Spotlight searching for all contacts and files
* Widescreen keyboard support in all applications
* Select, copy and paste
* Add mail accounts directly from the iPhone (like a Blackberry)
* Real applications (not just web-based apps)
* .Mac syncing directly from the iPhone
* Software stabilization for the camera
* Flash support in Safari

Most, if not all of these things will be on your iPhone before the holidays.

While a lot of these updates may sound far fetched, they make perfect sence when you consider how much emphasis was placed on the fact that the iPhone runs on OSX. As OSX is updated, new features will trickle down to the iPhone.

Here's a tidbit for thought: If the iPhone is OSX based, isn't it possible that some day Apple will charge for major system updates? They currently charge $129 for a major desktop system upgrade... how much would you be willing to pay for a major iPhone system upgrade. (Before you Poo-Poo this idea, remember Apple didn't charge for .Mac until a year after it was released.)


Anonymous said...

this was actually the same info I talked about in my forum post, but from a different source. My (wrong) guess was that it was going to be released with the new iPods. Obviouly all of apple's engineers are now on leopard and have to get it done before going back to put the finishing touches on the iPhone.

I hope this info is true. Especially the part about real apps. Now after having installer and all the apps I can't go back to the old way. A friend of mine hit the nail on the head when he said "thats why they call it personal computing." Here apple made a big deal out of the phone having osx but then tried to lock us out of it. The iPhone is an awesome personal computer.

By the way, you can add email accounts now. I've never synced my email with my iphone and have two accounts.

Anonymous said...

good point about charging for major OS upgrades. Cell phones are different than PC's, it would be a tough sell for Apple unless they started treating the iPhone like a true portable Mac. It's almost there as is, but not yet.

Anonymous said...

I think your right, if they're going to charge for major updates, then they DO have to treat the iPhone like a portable mac, and then they would have to completely open it up for real apps.

Of course, that assumes that apple would do the right thing, which...

I'm still stunned that on an 8 gig device there is no way to selectively put media on it. I wish they would AT LEAST have a quick-list sync or something that would allow me to drag and drop songs, albums, playlists, movies, videos, whatever from iTunes directly to the iPhone icon in iTunes.

When I've got 100 GB of music, most of which was either purchased legally from the apple itunes store or ripped from legal CDs, and the device is only 8 GB - there needs to be an easier way to get media onto the iPhone.

That aspect sucks as much today as it did when I first got it home.