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September 18, 2007

UK iPhone Launched

As expected, The Jobster announced the release of the iPhone in the United Kingdom. The UK iPhone is the same as the US iPhone (8gb, GSM, Wifi and EDGE (NO 3G)) and will be available November 9th.

According to some insiders, EDGE coverage across the UK is sketchy at best, so O2 (iPhone's UK provider) is partnering with a company called The Cloud to install 7500 free WiFi access points throughout The Island.

A few of the senior editors at iPhonePOV are very surprised Mr. J decided to release the EDGE version of the iPhone in the UK. Most mobile phones, and nearly all smart phones released in the UK and Europe are 3G. Apple's decision to release a 2.5G product could significantly hurt sales, at least until the release of the 3G iPhone which is now rumored to arrive in Q1 2008 (for non-business people, Q1 means the first three months of the year.)

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