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June 5, 2008

iPhone Tablet On Monday?

Monday is the big day.

Big Steve will announce the 3G iPhone and possibly some new products.

The only new iPhone rumor we've heard in the last few days suggests the 3G iPhone might have a better camera with a high-tech liquid lens which uses the process of "electrowetting" for faster focus and faster exposure. We suppose it's possible, but it seems unlikely.

Since there aren't any other iPhone rumors, we thought we'd point out a couple of interesting tid-bits that are based, not on rumors, but actual photographic evidence.

As is the case with every Apple event, some industrious tourist managed to snap a blurry photo of the banners already in place at the doors of the mighty shrine where Monday's big announcement will occur. At first glance, the picture is rather innocuous... Apple products and software icons plastered on giant posters. If you've ever been to a convention, you know this kind of signage is commonplace... but, if you look closer, you'll notice the proportions of the products shown in the signage are way off... which can mean only 2 things: The printer made a mistake (in which case Apple is due for a refund) or, the proportions are correct, and the banners are actually showing us new products that have different proportions than the products they appear to resemble.

On the off chance you checked out the the snapshot above and missed the obvious, the iPhonePOV art department spent the day creating original artwork which details the discrepancies.

1) The are 2 Macbook Airs shown on separate banners. The screen bezels are noticeably different. The screen in the background has a large bezel at the bottom... we think this might be a new Macbook Air with a 14 inch screen. Thin and big. Hmmm.

2) The iPhone picture at the center of the photo is much fatter than the current iPhone. This could mean the 3G iPhone is fatter, or, there is a new iPhone-like device that will be announced. If you leap a bit further and consider that maybe the "fat iPhone" is represented in true scale with the Macbook Air behind it, then we might be looking at a new Apple tablet computer that is between the size of the iPhone and the Macbook. We don't think there's a market for this device, but we don't run a billion dollar technology powerhouse. (Yet.)

3) The normal (non-fat) iPhone at the right of the photo is holding hands with an icon we've never seen. Perhaps this is the GPS icon... or maybe it's something so cool we can't even guess.

That should be enought to chew on for the weekend. If you see anything we've missed, please let us know.


Anonymous said...

If you look in your last photo, the green telephone icon is also tall and not square. Stretching the original photo out (about 160-180 % wider) makes that telephone icon square and returns the iphone to it's original proportions as well.

This could be a case of extreme perspective - where the camera angle to the banner is more than 45% which will squish everything on the banner. OR it could be that the printer messed up. It's sort of an ugly banner anyway.

NOW.. the two different screens on the macbook air is a different story. Those clearly look different. THAT makes NO sense because the world barely needed one macbook air with no touch interface and no 3G, it certainly doesn't need 2. -badweasel

Editor said...

Hmmm... Aren't the Fat-iPhone and the weird new Macbook Air on the same poster... if they are, you're stretching theory doesn't fly... or does it?

Anonymous said...

The "fat" iPhone is in the foreground of the Macbook Air. You can see it in front of the laptop. The rendering for the laptop is in perspective and anything in front of it would appear relatively larger. I'm not saying that there isn't a new product to launch. But do you really think it's going to be on a banner everyone there can see before Mr. Jobs announced it? Not likely.

Editor said...

I agree that it would be very strange for it to be on the banner... but remember, before the video iPod was released, someone snapped a photo of a banner outside the hall that showed an outline of the new screen shape. People at the time said no way... and then it turned out to be real.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are the same poster - but also the same poster as the tall green telephone icon. What I'm saying is that the fat iphone is no longer fat if you stretch the entire photo out so that the tall green telephone icon is square. When you do that the iphone is no longer fat and looks like a normal iphone.

But when you make the iphone look normal the macbook air behind it stretches wider also.. making it have a 16:9 14 inch monitor (see 9 to 5 mac . com).

I still hope there is a new tablet device, but I want it to be full OSX not iphone OSX.

Anonymous said...

hey isn't your countdown timer off by a DAY!?

Anonymous said...

The icon looks like a fingerprint.

Editor said...

You were right. Countdown has been fixed.