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February 10, 2008

We've Been Remiss

Well, well, you do care. Seems a few people have started complaining about our lack of posts over the past few weeks.

So, we're sorry. Posts will resume at a near daily schedule from now on.

There are a number of reasons for our recent shortcomings (the least of which was a Vespa accident which led to the amputation of our lead transcriber's thumbs...) We won't bore you with the gory details, but trust us when we say, it's thumbs up from here on out! (for most of us.)

Recent news:

1) iPhones got a chubby while we were hibernating. You can now purchase a 16 GB iPhone for $499. (The iTouch was upped to a whopping 32GB for the same price.) That's more music and video, but not enough. Sorry, we took a poll recently (did you miss it?) and found that most personal music libraries (not including video) are over 40 GBs. So with only 16 GB, we're still living in playlist hell.

2) Macworld came and went and so did Apple's stock price. Doesn't matter how much cash you have in the bank (Apple has more than 18 Billion!) if every ding-dong hedge-fund dumps your stock at the same time, it tanks. Apple's stock is down roughly 40% since the meager announcements at Macworld. Kinda hard to believe for a company that earned nearly 2 Billion in profit during the holiday season, which is considerably more than Wall-Street darling Google earned in the same period.

3) The infamous iPhone SDK is coming... rumor sights are pointing to a February 26th announcement. Among the early apps slated to appear: Sling Player (we'll believe it when we see it) Lotus Notes, and some form of MS Exchange server. That's all fine and dandy, but where is our free Solitaire and a friggin' search function for our 2100 contacts? (BTW, we've started exclusively flicking with our middle fingers, just in case Steve Jobs happens to see us flicking the 10 or 15 flicks it takes to find an unusual contact.)

4) 3G iPhone rumors are all over the place. But nothing worth writing about here. Basically, technology keeps chugging away, new chips, new screens, new batteries... But rest assured, we ain't gonna see anything until the current models start dipping in sales. So, if you really want a 3G iPhone, start telling everyone to NOT buy the current iPhone. Oh yeah, ATT is updating 350 more American cities with their 3G technology in preparation for the new iPhone. (We're predicting no sooner than the holidays--that's right 7 months from now.)

That's all for now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Indeed, you have been sorely remiss. We're counting you to keep us posted.
(Sorry about the digital accident.)

Also, I don't think I'd worry about the stock; with 18B in the bank I think those of us who own it needn't lose any sleep.