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February 26, 2008

iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 released

Apple has released iPhone firmware 1.1.4

Interestingly enough, this update contains no new features (they did increase the firmware version by one integer, but we don't consider that a new feature.)

We figure this update was released to prep (registered) iPhones for the highly anticipated, and behind schedule, SDK which will be released in early March.

This update breaks all 3rd party applications running on all previous (hacked) firmwares.

If you discover a new feature please add it to our comments.


Anonymous said...

this site sucks now
I'm done looking at yourvwirrgless comments
hang it up

Anonymous said...

wow! the site sucks? I mean just because they haven't had anything new to offer in the last 3 months.. does that mean that it sucks?

Oh and what does "yourvwirrgless" mean?

Anonymous said...

it means I can't type
but no one reads this shitty site any way

Spaceloop said...

i do read this site :)