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September 5, 2007

Apple Screws iPhone Owners

Apple announced a $200.00 price cut for the 8GB iPhone. The 4GB version has been discontinued.

This is great news if you don't already own an iPhone.

If you do own an iPhone, you probably feel stupid for paying an extra 200 bucks just to get your iPhone 66 days before the real price was announced. Thanks, Steve, we hope you choke on our 200 bucks. (Well, maybe not choke, but a good cough would make us feel better.)

If you bought your iPhone with a credit card that offers a price guarantee, now would be a good time to call your credit card company.

UPDATE 1: Apple grants a fortnight for refunds. Apple's official return policy states that "...customers who made their purchases within the last 10 days can get $200 back, so long as they contact Apple within 14 business days of when their iPhone first shipped."


Anonymous said...

American Express (rewards plus) - Called them and they told me that I DO NOT HAVE a price guarantee. Guess I paid $400 extra (2 iphones) to have those apple store guys clap for me as I walked out. (oh, and to be the envy of everyone who saw my using my iphone the last 66 days.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this I expect from many of the younger readers. But something so childish from an editor, is inexcusable. You have just lost a reader...