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September 6, 2007

iPhone and iPod Touch Differences

Here's a quick rundown of the differences:
  • iTouch has no email client
  • iTouch has no Google maps application
  • iTouch has no Stocks or Weather application
  • iTouch has no Bluetooth
  • iTouch has different graphics on the dock
  • When iTouch is sleeping, you can tap the home button twice to bring up playback controls. (Not on iPhone)
  • iTouch has separate video and music applications
  • iTouch does not have an external speaker
  • iTouch headphone jack is on its butt.
  • iTouch does not have a microphone
So, yes, there are a few differences, but since they both run on OSX and their common applications are identical (like Safari and Youtube), it is safe to assume any and all software differences (like lack of email) will be added to the iTouch with soon to be released hacks.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this. I was just coming to your site to post such a list.

Here's the main difference as I see it - iTouch has no Edge network. I think this is the reason that so many of the internet applications are missing. And actually I think the apps that are missing are the ones that would be considered "widgets" and widgets are all based on the internet.

The maps application for example, while it would work while you're at home, becomes a lot less useful if it is "grayed out" when you leave home. Much of the value of Maps is that on the go you can find places, see traffic, and such. Theoretically it would be possible for it to download and store directions from here to there. But that's not the way Maps works as it is in constant communication with the google data feed via the internet.

Stocks and Weather are also both widgets and get data from the internet.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that the Music Store application is called the "WiFi Music Store." I expect that when it comes out for the iPhone it will be wifi only. How long would it take to download a song over Edge?

One last note. It's may sound obvious, but the iTouch also does not have SMS messaging. Of course it's obvious because without telephone service it can't, but this is an iPhone feature that I use ALL THE TIME now. So I think it's worth noting.

Anonymous said...

Oh... one more difference.. iPod Touch does not have a camera.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait.. one more.. NO notes app.

Is there no virtual keyboard for input?

Does anyone have one of these yet? Can you add contacts using the contact app?

Anonymous said...

I just bought one today and yes, you can add contacts under the contact app.

The sales guy said you could link your yahoo mail to the itouch, but so far I can't figure out how to do that. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

you need to update this because i got an itouch for christmas and they added a lot more stuff

Louisa said...

Hey, nice review :) But actually, I have an iTouch and I think they updated a lot of the features and the iTouch now has the Stocks, Maps (with StreetView) and Weather applications, and the graphics are the same. It also has an external speaker, email and contacts. So I think people must have been complaining and now it's more or less the same as iPhone, minus the phone part :)