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July 7, 2007

iPhone Design Flaw!

Regular iphonePOV reader, phoneturkey604 pointed out a potential design flaw in Apple's iPhone. Apparently, after only 1 week of normal use, his iPhone started building up a nifty little collection of pocket lint in the tiny holes normally reserved for the microphone. (Phoneturkey604 did assume some responsibility for this potential calamity when he begrudgingly admitted he has been keeping his iPhone in the pocket of his blue-jeans, and that until recently, he never bothered to check them for lint.)

To date, the lint-filled holes have not effected the microphone's ability to capture audio, but if the iPhone has that much lint in it after only seven days, it's gonna look like the lint-collector in Grandma's dryer six months from now, which will undoubtedly effect audio processing.

After some initial investigating, iphonePOV has made the following additional discoveries:

  1. The stuff is nearly impossible to remove. Even a needle couldn't do the trick. The only way that stuff is gonna get out of there is if the phone is opened.
  1. An iPhone case cannot protect you from this lint--the sound holes are always exposed to facilitate phone calls. The only surefire way to avoid pocket-lint, is to avoid pockets.
Keep your eyes open for miniature lint vacuums which are bound to hit he market as news of this flaw spreads.

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