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July 25, 2007

iPhone Bookmarks On Steroids

A couple of the features missing from the iPhone can be added with this list of handy Bookmarklets. These little puppies are top-secret Java Script files, disguised as mere Safari bookmarks, that can activate your iPhone's super-powers. Think Popeye and spinach.

Here's a taste of some of the incredible feats you can achieve with Bookmarklets:

  • Find specific text on a web page
  • Search reference sites (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.) without navigating to the web page
  • Display all links or pictures on a web page in a new page (who needs this?)
Anyway, you get the gist. You can do a bunch of things you don't really need to do, and the whole process will give you yet another reason to doodle with your iPhone and ignore your loved ones.

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