The iSlate Will Be Announced In

June 29, 2007

Welcome to iDay!

Would love to spend all day posting little ditties and expanding your iphonePOV, but, i've got to go wait in line like everyone else.

Here are a couple of Pearls to keep you satisfied during our brief separation:

Apple has posted a video called 'Fingertips' which is a demo of a 10 nifty things you can do with your, well, fingertips.

iTunes 7.3 is now available for download at the Apple Website. If you're getting an iPhone, you have to have this to activate your phone.

Gizmodo has a great picture gallery of the growing lines at ATT/Apple Stores accross the nation. Very cool (and also a little pathetic, in a good way.)

Got.. to... go... must..... have......

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