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June 28, 2007

Disgruntled Blogger Declares iPhone Piece of Junk Because ' can't even cook...'

With the good comes the bad. Now that everyone has had a chance to read the reviews and scour the Apple Website for all the nitty-gritty details, the naysayers are popping up like fleas on a neglected kitty. Here's a taste of the of the Moans and Groans seeping out of nearly every tech site on the web:

  • No Games
  • No iTunes Music Store
  • No Video Recording
  • No Custom Ring Tones
  • No Voice Dailing
  • No Official support for Microsoft Exchange
  • AT&T
  • No GPS
  • No Flash
  • No Way to cut and past, which means...
  • No way to edit word/excel/pdf documents
  • No iChat (instant messaging)
  • No 3g
  • Weak Speaker Phone
  • Weak Vibrate Alert
and there are many, many more. Well, iphonePOV has a response to all this: So what? Stop being such bitches. Get over it. The iPhone is not perfect. It cannot walk your dog, it will not help your kids get better grades, and it will never help you become a chess master. It's just a friggin' cool phone that's only gonna get better. And when it gets better, you'll buy yourself a second iPhone and take a couple of Groans off the list.

Ten years from now, when you see your 1st gen iPhone being used as a doorstop in your kids dollhouse, you won't be wondering why it didn't have Microsoft Exchange support. You'll be fondly remembering the crazy debut of a product that caused a paradigm shift in mobile computing, and how your desire for its release and the way you eventually used it played a tiny, yet crucial part in the evolution of technology. That's good times.


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