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June 30, 2007

iPhone Syncing Issues

Syncing the iPhone is not as easy as it should be. If you have a lot of movies, pictures and music (like all of the editors at iphonePOV) it can be a bit of a pain in the toosh.

As Apple suggested in an early email, it really is best to prepare for your first sync before you plug in your iPhone. General preparations are:

  1. Address Book - Have your address book in order. If you have too many addresses that don't matter or you have a lot of duplicates, it can be a pain to find them once they are all in your iphone. If you can't actually reduce or erase errant addresses, iphonePOV recommends making a custom (slimmed down) group which you can later choose when inside the phone.
  2. iTunes - This is where a few of the editors at iphonePOV ran into trouble. As Apple suggested, we had made playlists which we thought were small enough to fit inside the iPhone, well... it turns out they were just a little bit too big, which canceled the entire sync. Unfortunately, when it canceled the sync, it lost track of all the items it had already transferred to the iPhone! This meant we had to slim down our iPhone playlists and start the rather long process of syncing again. Everyone here really wished there was a quick 'Fill My iPhone With Music' button in iTunes which would simply fill your iPhone with random music choices, in much the same way iTunes will fill out remaining space on an iPod shuffle with the click of a button. A feature/button like this would alleviate the tedious necessity of trying to figure out how big your playlist should be in relation to contacts, videos, and photos -- which is especially hard when the phone is empty. iphonePOV's advice is start with small playlists and build from there. It's a real bummer when you wait 15 minutes for your phone to sync only to have it cancel the process because you slightly overestimated your phone's capacity. (see picture above)
  3. iPhoto - This was a relatively straightforward process. Pictures are converted to the iPhone's size, so there you don't have to worry about overfilling your phone with a couple of 10 megapixel pictures. We were able to fit 400 picture in less than 1 gig of iPhone space, but again the conversion process does take some time, so if you're eager to fire up your phone, limit the number of picture you select for your first sync.
  4. Mail - They don't give you too many choices here and the process doesn't take up much memory, but one iphonePOV editor did have a problem with OSX Mail on his MacBook after the sync -- All of the messages in his Inbox Disappeared. This was easily resolved with a restart, but having all the mail in your Inbox disappear for even a moment is very scary. For this reason, iphonePOV is strongly recommending to all of its readers that they backup their desktop Mail preferences before their first iPhone sync.
Please leave any issues you may have encountered in 'Comments.'


Anonymous said...

OK.. this sucks ass!

I love this little device. My wife and I have both been walking around talking about how it's the coolest thing we've ever bought. The last time we said that was probably the ipod.

So why does it suck all the sudden? I never have ever used auto syncing. I don't like it. I just drag and drop songs, playlists, movies, etc, from itunes to the device.

In fact, I used to drag movies from my desktop (or my movies folder) directly to the ipod. This loaded them in the ipod WITHOUT having to also load them into iTunes. Loading them in iTunes creates a 2nd copy of the movie, which I don't want. (I don't think this worked with songs though)

So now the iPhone won't let me copy anything to the device. It seems to only let you sync to it... which SUCKS ASS!

Please Apple, fix it! There is no reason to prevent us from doing this.

On a side note.. didn't the demonstration show getting an photo as an email attachment and making it your wallpaper? What if I take a cool photo on my iPhone and my wife wants to make it a photo for a contact. I should just be able to email it to her... anyone figured this out yet?

Anonymous said...

clarification... to an ipod I used to drag and drop songs, movies, playlists to the device within iTunes. But movies I was able to drag from my desktop.

To do this auto-sync had to be turned off. Anyone know how to do that on a iphone?

Anonymous said...

Please go to:

and add your note of displeasure for the removal of this basic feature. Thanks!

Unknown said...

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