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June 30, 2007

iPhone Has Arrived!

Frankly, it was a bit touch and go back there in Century City and for a moment or two, I thought I was gonna have to do some kung-fu fighting to get my iPhone. Cooler heads prevailed and everyone got what the came for.

First impressions: It's pretty cool. Has some flaws, but it's pretty cool. Rather than bore you with lots of words you've already read, iphonePOV has decided to let you fully experience the opening of the iPhone:


The Virgin Launch:

Pretty Nifty. Stay tuned for the good stuff


Anonymous said...

That is better than watching porn. I want one!

Anonymous said...

how come your video which is hosted on youtube is not playable on the iphone?

Editor said...

Unfortunately, not all YouTube videos are playable on the iPhone. Here's the reason why: Most videos on Youtube are encoded with flash, and the iPhone cannot play flash (most likely because it is processor intensive and would drain the battery too quickly. However, YouTube recently started re-encoding a portion of their content in h.264 codec, which the iPhone can play. Hopefully, in the future all YouTube content will be h.264 and thus playable on the iPhone.