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October 14, 2009

Apple Adding FM Radio to iPhone 3G(s)

Apple is building a new app for its iPhone and iPod Touch that will bring FM radio to the devices.

Our guess is that the functionality of the application will be similar to what Apple built into the iPod Nano. That includes the ability to pause live FM transmissions and fast-forward when you resume playing. The delay in getting the app to market is Apple's decision to integrate it with the iTunes Store. With this integration, people will be able to tap on a song they hear on the radio and buy it through iTunes. Whoptee-doo.

This app is made possible by the Broadcom chip that runs the iPhone 3G(s) which already contains an FM Tuner. So Apple is basically just adding a program to access a feature which should have been available on day 1.

We're filing this one in the "This Would Be Great If It Was 1998" pile. FM Radio? Really? Didn't we buy iPods so we didn't have to listen to all those commercials?

Who knows, if you're into corporate rock, this will bring a rainbow of joy to your ears.

PS What about AM? That's where all the action is? With just FM, Republicans won't be buying this app any time soon (and will probably complain that it's a left-wing plot to squelch wind-bag conservative talk show hosts. On second thought, we hope it is. Good Job Apple.)

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Chris R said...

I'm wondering if I will still be able to make phone calls with my iPhone.