The iSlate Will Be Announced In

May 28, 2008

Recent iPhone News

Every other website in the world is now regularly reporting the same iPhone rumors.

Basically, we've got pictures of the 3g iPhone case which show that the new iPhone is indeed fatter the the previous one. It also suggests that there will be a white iPhone to go along with the recently discovered black iPhone. We think this is very likely. Apple has had great success with the white/black products as evidenced by the iPod and Macbook. If it is true, the black version will definitely be more expensive.

The latest iPhone SDK has shown us a new button that allows you to turn off 3g features, supposedly to save battery.

We've got countries all over the world who are preparing to launch the new iPhone, which will expand Apple's mobile phone market to 140 million potential new customers. (This could keep Apple stock going up and up for a long time...)

We've also seen a few industrious snoops track Apple shipping containers as the left China and entered America. The containers apparently contained a device called "electronic computer" which is different nomenclature than Apple has used in the past. Some are speculating that this "electronic computer" is a new tablet device that Apple will soon release. Think Giant iPhone. Allow us to be the first to say that this rumor is all fooey. Apple will not release a tablet computer because tablets don't sell. Yes, they could make one, but it wouldn't sell, so they won't.

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