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April 7, 2008

iPhone Contact Search Coming

So we all know the 3G iPhone is coming in early June.  It will be announced at the June 10 WWDC keynote presentation.  It will be 3G, it will have games and it will sell by the millions.

What you didn't know and which we only recently learned from someone who knows, is that the 3G iPhone will have robust voice-tagging.  By robust, we mean it will be able to find contacts, initiate emails and open applications simply by talking to it.  There will be no teaching, it will simply look in its database and present the closest answer to what you said.  Rumor has it, it is the feature Steve is most proud of and wants it to be kept secret until the big day in June.  To achieve this, all remnants of the code were removed from the beta 2.0 firmware and the SDK.

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