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October 12, 2007

The Un-Apple, Apple Web Apps Directory

It appears apple is sticking firmly to its position of only allowing web-based applications for the iPhone and has just announced an iPhone Webapps Directory. We took a close look at this apps directory and we feel it generally stinks for at least three reasons:

1 Webs apps stink. They're clunky and even the best of them don't feel like iPhone-native programs.

2 We think this list of apps is Apples way of saying look at all he cool stuff on the web, why would you want to actually install stuff on your iPhone? Well, lets see... maybe because every other computer and smart phone in the world has custom applications, or maybe because web apps don't work anywhere you can't access the web, like on an airplane or when you're in an underground CIA torture chamber. (And let's not even mention how relying on EDGE for applications constitutes its own special form of torture.)

3 Format. If this Application Directory is for iPhone applications, why does the page looks so crummy on an iPhone? Come on Apple, you designed the thing, at least make your web offerings look good on it. It's a terrible layout for an iPhone--when you zoom in on the application descriptions, you can't even see the icons!

All in all, The Apple iPhone Web Directory is very Un-Apple. Boo-hoo.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that it's missing any chat apps. There are web 2.0 based chat apps out there, but Apple apparently doesn't want you using them because they don't get a piece of the $$ like they do with SMS.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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