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October 3, 2007

Think Different

This video says it all. Apple, you're wrong. Open up the iPhone.

The scolling video shows all of the 3rd party applications that will no longer work on the iPhone. The Voice belongs to Richard Dreyfuss and was lifted from one of the first commercials approved by Steve Jobs after he was put in charge of Apple in the late 1990's.

UPDATE #1: In response to dozens of complaints, this video has been re-posted so it can be viewed on an iPhone.


Anonymous said...

I challenge Steve Jobs to load all the good 3rd party apps on a 1.0.2 iPhone, use it that way for 2 weeks, then upgrade to 1.1.1 and lose the apps.

Anonymous said...

Why post a video we can't see???? Is someone at trying to prove a point? LOL