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October 17, 2007

Let There Be Light!

Turns out bitching and moaning sometimes does work.

As you all know, many of the top editors at iPhonePOV have been constantly bitching and moaning about the lack of 3rd party applications for the iPhone. Well, seems someone has been listening. Just this morning, Apple announced it is working on an official SDK for the iPhone. For you stupid people, SDK means Software Development Kit. Which, for the very stupid, means programmers will soon be able to develop native (non-web-based) software for the iPhone. One bummer remains--the SDK won't be available until February. Better late than never. Thank you, Steve. We'll keep it.

Here's a letter from Steve explaining how he always wanted 3rd party applications for the iPhone, but for some inexplicable reason decided to wait eight months to release an SDK.

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