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October 8, 2007

Faster Edge Surfing Part 2

Ever wonder why the back of the iPhone is 2/3 metal and 1/3 (black) plastic? Well, there's a reason. Apparently EDGE radio signals have a tough time wiggling their way through metal. So Apple (reluctantly) added some plastic to the back of the iPhone right above the EDGE antennae. While this is all interesting from a physics standpoint, how does it effect us? Well, turns out your hands can also do a pretty good job of interfering with EDGE signals. For a slight boost in EDGE speeds, try to avoid smothering the black plastic bottom of the iPhone with your meaty hands. Here are some scientific tests that support this claim.

UPDATE #1 It seems the link above suggests various methods for holding the iPhone which can greatly increase the odds of dropping your precious. (iPhonePOV's comptroller dropped hers in the toilet!) So be careful!

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