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October 29, 2007

Hack Your iPhone (iTouch) With 1 Finger

If you've been wanting to add super-cool stuff to your iPhone but were intimidated by the one page set of instructions, we've got something for you.

Now, you can hack your iPhone without opening iTunes or even hooking your iPhone up to your computer. To work this wonderful magic on your precious, simply navigate to on your iPhone, and use your finger to click the link for AppSnapp. After a few moments, your iPhone will reset and you will have a new application called installer on your iPhone. Open this application (by tapping it) then tap sources and install (again by tapping) community sources which will give you a beautiful list of awesome games and stuff for your iPhone.

Right now is a good time to hack your iPhone.

UPDATE #1 This would be the coolest thing ever... if it worked. Many iPhonePOV readers have been contacting us with complaints about this badboy not working. Give it a shot and let us know your experience.

UPDATE #2 Regular contributor Badweasel pointed out that the hack is actually a very large web page, and as such, it takes a while to download. So be patient, and you will be rewarded.


Russ said...

I read about this on another site and tried worked. I have a previously jailbroken (on 1.0.2) phone but use ATT service (not unlocked). At the 1.1.1 update, I reverted back to a "clean" phone and just waited until I saw this...and I took the chance. Works like a charm for me with no problems. Just follow the instructions and let it do its thing even though it doesn't look like it's doing anything. Amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried downloading this today at work using edge and had no luck. When I got home I tried using my wi-fi and it downloaded with no problem!!! Love it!!! Thanks!!!!