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September 27, 2007

The Secret To iPhone Self-Portraits

Because the shutter release for the iPhone's camera is an on-screen button, it's always been a pain in the ass to take a self-portrait. Until now.

Here's the trick: The iPhone's camera shutter works very much like the keyboard, in that it does not activate until the moment you lift your finger off of the button. This means you can put your finger on the shutter button, turn the iPhone around and point it at yourself, and when you think you have your smile just right, lift your finger, at which point your iPhone will instantly take a perfect picture. (This assumes you're perfect--but, as everyone knows, if you own an iPhone, you're already pretty close to perfect.)

This little diddy is also helpful in tricky situations where the iPhone's auto-iris is having trouble locking onto the correct exposure, or when you are dealing with spastic subjects, like kids or belly-dancers with cerebral palsy.


Blabbermouse said...

BLESS YOU. I've been wondering how people did it! Now I can continue in my vanity! :)Thanks.

David said...

There's now an app that helps you do just this.. Detects your face and tells you where to move (by voice), then takes the photo automatically! No need to fiddle with the shutter button while trying to hold the camera still.

Try it out: