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September 12, 2007

iPhone Hacking 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

Every day we get dozens of emails asking 'How do I hack my iPhone?' We also get about 4 emails a day asking, 'Why should I hack my iPhone?' If you've sent one of those emails, or were about to send one of those emails, or just read this and thought 'I wonder who's sending all those emails?' we suggest you head over to Macworld's excellent article about the current state of iPhone hacking.

They show you how to do it (it's super easy.) And they even show (semi-review) some of the cool little programs which can be added to a hacked iPhone. (The NES emulator is our favorite--can you say Tetris on the iPhone?)

It's a good read and worth the time if you have any interest in making your iPhone do the kinda things every other cell phone in the world can do... like play a game.

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