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August 21, 2007

iPhone Update 1.0.2

Apple has posted another update for the iPhone which is available via iTunes. They descibe it as "bug fixes" and its only 4 Mbs so there's not much in there. Hopefully they've tweaked the iPod so it doesn't crash when using Safari and the iPod at the same time.

NOTE: Be sure to download any pictures you have on your iPhone before updating. If, for some reason, you are forced to do a full restore (which can happen when you update--especially if you have any hacker mojo going on) all the pictures on your iPhone will be erased. Bye-bye.


Anonymous said...

I hacked my iPhone and added ringtones with iFuntastic. I'll report back here as to what happens when I try to do this update.

Anonymous said...

Just as I suspected.. I had to do a complete reset.

First I downloaded all my photos, then I did a manual sync. If you have the sync option turned to manual, don't forget to sync before installing ANY software updates.

Then when I did the software install is gave me a quick warning (which you can't back out of at that point) and then proceeded to do a clean software install on the phone. I let it do it's thing and surfed the web for an old high school friend. 10 minutes later the iphone was again an iphone. Next I did another sync to get all my contacts and other info back.

No big deal.

Now I'm going to try that other software installer.