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August 1, 2007

iPhone Grows Up

Apple, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to give the iPhone its first software update (it will show up in iTunes during your next sync.) It's a paltry list of changes, but better than nothing:

Here's the newness:

  • You can BCC: yourself in mail (you had to CC: yourself before)
  • Security holes are plugged
  • Mail Program is snappier
  • Safari Does not crash as often
  • Using iPod and Safari does not cause as many crashes
  • Volume control -- some claim it is louder, while others say auto-gain control is improved
  • Google Maps re-centering bug is gone
  • Increased time options for passcode lock (5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes)
If you have any iFuntastic magic installed, you'll be forced to do an entire restore, which can take 90 minutes and disables funtastic goodies. Some users were able to use iFuntastic after the update to re-install custom ring-tones--other users were not so lucky.


Anonymous said...

So is the security hole fixing it so that ifuntastic doesn't work?

Has anyone tried running ifuntastic AFTER the update?

Anonymous said...

Before this update some of us were having a problem where the iPhone would ring (when a call comes in) but then lock up where you can't answer it. So it would ring and ring.

This update appears to fix that problem.

I've also had better luck switching calls. Previously when answering a second call then trying to hang up and switch back to the first call it would sometimes hang and not be able to connect or drop the call.

Although this could be an ATT problem, that has been better as well.