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August 8, 2007

iPhone Hunting

Some Crazy Nintendo Fanboy has created an iPhone version of the 80's classic, Duck Hunt. It looks good, but doesn't have sound and the damn ducks are nearly impossible to hit with your finger. But, in a world where all iPhone games suck, this one is slightly less sucky.

Sidenote: Apple, what's the deal? Since the iPhone came out you have offered two new games for the iPod and nothing for the iPhone. Come on, that's ridiculous! There are situations where you can't get web access and a little cheesy game (ANY GAME!) would be a great time-killer. Jeepers, for twice the price of a Wii you'd think they'd throw in at least the same crappy games that come pre-installed on every iPod. Please, Apple, give us, or sell us some games. Seriously, please.

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