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August 23, 2007

iPhone Applications

Some crazy hacker genius has written a simple GUI based iPhone application installer which can help you put applications on the iPhone. In normal people speak, this means you can install 3rd party applications without pretending you're a hacker. Several of the editors at iPhonePOV have already done it--it was so easy that we're starting to get giddy about the future of iPhone applications. The process takes about 10 minutes but works flawlessly.

Note 1: If you do something like this to your iPhone, you will have to do a full-restore the next time Apple updates the iPhone's firmware.

Note 2: After you follow the directions for loading the installer, be sure to install the 'community resources' application to get access to all of the cool stuff available from 3rd party developers.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have been able to install anything using it?