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July 16, 2007

Turn Your iPhone Into A Crummy iPod

This tidbit just in from MacRumors: with a nifty little service from seeqpod, you can stream music to your iPhone. This program does not stream your iTunes music from your home computer, instead, it searches the web for music and streams that to your iPhone. It has some neat-o search options and works pretty well when connected via WiFi (and basically doesn't work at all when connected via EDGE.) This service sounds great on (virtual) paper, but since the iPhone is an iPod and it's so easy to sync your favorite music to it, we just got pissed off waiting the 10+ seconds for each song to stream, because we knew they would play instantly if we had them in iTunes. That being said, if you're dying to hear the latest Esmee song before you can download it to iTunes, this is a nifty little tool.

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