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July 4, 2007

Save 2 Clicks With Each Number You Type!

At first glance, typing punctuation on the iphone is real pain -- you have to push 3 buttons just to type a '?' and return to normal typing mode. But, iphonePOV has learned a secret trick for typing numbers and punctuation with 1 press of the iPhone keyboard.

Heres how: Instead of pushing the button to enter the number/punctuation mode and then pushing again for the number y0u want.... Push the number/punctuation mode button and hold it down (do not lift your finger) while still pressing the keyboard, slide your finger to the punctuation or number symbol that you want to type. When you lift your finger, the iphone will type the item you selected and automatically return to the default 'qwerty' keyboard.

This will save you two clicks per number or punctuation. You can take those clicks to the bank!

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