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July 18, 2007

Protect Your iPhone For 99¢

The folks at found the HHI iPhone Screen Protector selling for only 99¢ (shipping is only $2.85, so there's no small print that ruins the deal.) To get the 99¢ price, you have to enter coupon code: "iphoscreen" at checkout.

We don't know anyone who's used this screen protector, so we can't vouch for its quality. But honestly, with three bucks at stake, who need 'vouching.'

If you're rich enough to buy this thing and brave enough to stick it on your iPhone, please post a comment so others can re-live your glory.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My question is WHY? The screen is glass. Mine's been in my pocket since I got it and still looks shiny.

I'm also anxious to know how it works and if it really makes any difference. Does it start to peel off when you stick it in your pocket? Does it diminish the picture clarity? Does it cut down on finger grease? Does it leave a skum when you peel it off?