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July 6, 2007

iPhone vs. Treo

When a company puts out a smart phone, it has to be compared to the category leader, Palm's Treo. The iPhone is no exception. Palminfocenter pits the Orchard Original against the Business Bohemoth and the results are enlightening, albeit a tad skewed (consider the website's name if you will.) Interesting points are made for both sides.

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Unknown said...

Wow.. that's one biased article obviously written by someone who has not spent the last week with an iphone.

They say "Plus, dialing a contact on a Treo is as simple as tapping out a few letters, whereas on the iPhone you'll need to 'flick' through page after page to get to the number you're after."

With favorites it's two clicks. I do it all the time with one hand.

They say "real keys are simply easier to type on than virtual ones. But there's more to it than just that: stunningly, iPhone doesn't support MMS, a messaging feature that has been around for ages now. Want to quickly fire off a picture to a friends phone?"

Again.. they don't have an iPhone. I'm typing this with my powerbook and WISH that i was instead entering this from the iPhone so that it would correct all of my mistakes. I can type very fast on the iphone.

Second... Want to quicktly fire off a picture to a friend's iphone - um.. just email it?

They say "it's hard to go past a Treo, which can be configured to do any kind of email you want.."

Ok.. i have to stop reading this article. I think it was written by the same guy who wrote the book "Why 911 was better than Pearl Harbor" He says in the first paragraph that the iphone has better email support, then blasts the virtual keyboard which he's never used because he doesn't have an iphone, and then somehow squeaks out a lame justification to give one more vote for the treo.

His conclusion, "when you break it down category-by-category the Treo still has a slight edge over the iPhone."

My conclusion.. most every treo user that I know hates it and wants to get an iphone.