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June 20, 2007

iPhone Browsing with EDGE - 5X Faster

Make Edge Browsing 5X faster (or More)

Here's the deal, according to Steve Jobs (the real one) there are two internets. The "real internet" and the "kinda, sorta, feels like the internet." One of the things that makes the iPhone so great is that it surfs the real internet, meaning web pages, javascript and annoying blinking ads all show up on the iPhone the way they do on your desktop.

That's great, except for one tiny problem, the EDGE network does not have the bandwidth necessary to bring the 'Real Internet' to your iPhone. But, there's a secret that Steve won't admit in public, EDGE does possess the bandwidth necessary to bring the "kinda, sorta, feels like the internet" to your iPhone. This begs the question, 'How do I get the 'kinda, sorta, feels like the internet" to my iPhone so I can stop cursing EDGE and start getting my ESPN-on without having to wait ten minutes for their ads to show up?

Let's start with a little history lession: When EDGE was developed and put in place (on the Cingular Network) there were no mobile devices that could show the "real internet." The few phones that attempted to show the 'kinda, sorta, feels like the internet' used WAP browsers, which only handle text and tiny pictures, or proxy servers, which convert the 'real internet' into the crappy 'kinda, sorta internet.' 99% of the mobile phones in the world still use those archaic browsing methods, which means EDGE is a suitable solution for those devices.

With this knowledge in hand, it becomes glaringly obvious that the iPhone needs a WAP browser or proxy server in order to make proper love to the EDGE Network. Since we can't get a WAP browser into the iPhone (internal applications are closed to the public) our only choice is use a proxy server. Now let's see, If you were to choose one company to provide an internet service for your iPhone, who would it be? (Besides Apple!) Hmmm.... let's see, how about Google? Well, you're in luck. One of iphonePOV's Graphic Designers has a cousin who knows someone who works at Google, and we convinced her to have Google make a Proxy Server for the iPhone and keep it a secret from every website except Thanks Google.

If you'd like try out the EDGE network on the 'kinda, sorta, feels like the internet' at 5 times the speed of the 'real internet,' follow these instructions on how to use Google Mobile as a proxy server for your iPhone:

Open Safari and enter the following URL:

(the m stands for mobile)

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and push the link for 'Settings'

Here's the crucial step: Under the setting for 'Format Pages For Your Mobile Phone.' Select 'YES'

You're half way there...

Now, 'SAVE' your settings and the page will automatically return to Google Mobile. From this point on, anything you search for, and link to from Google mobile will be formatted for the iPhone by Google's Mobile Proxy Server. Search for any site in the world and Google will shape it to fit your iPhone. Once you visit a page you like that's gone through the Proxy Server, simply bookmark it, and whenever you are on the EDGE network, you can view the Google Mobile Version of your page by clicking the bookmark.

You heard it hear first.


Alexandru said...

Thank you very much!

Blake Marvin said...

is there any way to have your bookmarks available and route through teh The only downside is that you are searching for sites you already know the address to, and some more obscure links are difficult to find.

Editor said...

Blake this should do what you want... someone left this on another page... it's a bookmarklet which allows you to google/m any site you're currently looking at. It work well, but the only way I was able to get it on the iphone was to add it to safari and sync it in.

Here's what they wrote on the other post:

Here is a bookmarklet that will do this to the website you are currently viewing:

javascript:location.href='' +encodeURIComponent(location.href)


Anonymous said...

I had this all set up and working like a charm, until Google unveiled it's new mobile home page. Now, I can't seem to save the settings to default to the mobile proxy anymore! Any tips/tricks/advice?