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June 26, 2007

iPhone Bluetooth Dock Revealed!

Some sneaky guys over at 9to5mac uncovered a nifty spy shot of an iPhone cradle with a built in blue-tooth headset charger.

(This is also, incidentally, the worst photoshop mashup I have ever seen. I'm hoping the author of this terrible image inserted the bluetooth headset only as a reference to placement, and not in an attempt to fool us into believing it was originally in the picture.) Either way, it looks like an okay device if you're into Bluetooth. Personally, I think bluetooth headsets as a whole are pretty crappy devices, which turn the already hard to hear and be heard phenomena of cell phone communication into an exercise in folly, however, that notwithstanding, I guess if you really wanna look like one of the Borg and would prefer to keep your new iPhone in your pocket (but why? Why would you want to do that?) then having an easy charging solution like the one pictured might well give the Apple bluetooth headset (rumored to be significantly overpriced at $149.00) an ear up on the competition.

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